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These are the creators of GhosTown. Peruse at your own risk.

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David A. Lindahl

An Anti-Money Laundering Investigator by day, a photographer by night and now a code monkey by day and night, some say David is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. David would disagree and explain that's impossible, he is Scottish. A diehard footy fan and avid yet mediocre outdoorsman, you can find him on the weekends either cheering on Liverpool FC or adventuring in the mountains with his camera in tow.

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Max McFarland

When Max isn't crafting deep game logic and diving through the dark ends of Javascript you can find him promoting card games or mining gold in Canada, or both at the same time. Currently, a student at Western, Max is an educational melting pot of political science, economics and software engineering.

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Shayne Reed Smith

Hailing from the dry and hot lands of Central/Eastern/Southern Washington, commonly referred to as the Tri-Cities, Shayne is the team's in-house illustrator and design wiz. All the in-game majestic drawings were craftily forged by his hands. Before the recent launch of his career as a code monkey, Shayne's prior endeavors included a somewhat successful game called Blobfish Evolution and growing interest in BitCoin.